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Esthetic and functional reconstruction of the posterior area

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Course date:
Saturday, 06.04.2019
09:00 - 17:00 o'clock
ICDE Vienna, Austria
Dr. Janos Grosz
€ 290.00

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The Style Italiano method – easy, conservative and repeatable.
Keys to create perfect posterior restorations

A large part of our daily schedule as general or esthetic dentist is filled by providing posterior restorations. Perfecting this kind of restorative treatment can give a substantial boost to the growth prospects of a practice. Improving the techniques, quality and effectiveness of posterior restorative procedures is therefore an investment that will pay off. This course gives clear and simple guidance on how to perfect direct restorative procedures in the posterior region. It will cover all aspects of posterior restorative therapy and give step by step guidance to empower participants to perfect their restorative techniques to create restorations efficiently and effectively.


Course content:

  • Anatomy of posterior teeth
  • Rubber dam isolation, tools, technique, steps
  • Cariology, diagnostic tools, treatment decisions
  • Cavity preparation and finishing, caries removal
  • Adhesive protocol, material science of restorative materials
  • Layering and build-up strategies for Class I and Class II direct restorations
  • Perfecting anatomical proximal surfaces
  • Contouring the occlusal morphology
  • Finishing and polishing












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