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Single central layering with IPS e.max

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Course date:
Friday, 09. - Saturday, 10.10.2020
09:00 - 17:00 o'clock
ICDE Vienna, Austria
Ondrej Adam
€ 390.00

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Single central layering of minimally invasive crown regarding shade of a patient

The challenge of esthetic

As a fellow dental technician ask yourself a question? What really matters when it comes to layering? Is it really how many ceramic powders you know and have mastered? Can be. With multi unit jobs the end result can give you a great looking work with a natural appearance for sure. But does it always give you the result that you need when it comes to one single unit restoration?! In my opinion, the answer to this question is that it doesn't. The reason for it is another issue that becomes important – shade taking and most importantly its relationship to our work with ceramics. That is the game that we have to consider when we deal with underlying teeth structures, substructure materials, in regards to their color and translucency and, most importantly in choosing the right dentin color.

Only then, will we be able to make our work superior with the effect powders that we know and use. All these aspects really matter and without the right shade selection we are predetermined not to succeed!

We all have been struggling with these kind of issues for many years. I was desperately trying to find my way out of the chaos we all have been in when it comes to shade taking. Sometimes I succeeded, but most of the times not. Finally, these days are now over for us all. We now can all use a system that has a direct relation between shade taking and the creation of a restoration.

This is what my course is going to be about. We are going to be talking not only about ceramic powders, but also how to make a great and natural looking layering. Additionally, we will discuss shade taking with the eLAB® system and how it influences and completely changes the work that we do. Based on the eLAB® system we will choose the right dentin before we fire it. We will take control of the coloring process during every step of our restoration. And finally, we will all see that by using the eLAB® system even one time for a really difficult restoration, we will master the shape and the surface texture, all on a single central patient case.

Course content:

  • Front restorations esthetics
  • Restoring a single central
  • E-lab

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