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CURRICULUM VITAE (abbreviated)

Name:     Paul Gerloczy, D.M.D.
Born:       Budapest, 11/01/51 
Address:  Sodrás u. 9  H-1026 Budapest, Hungary

Tel:         +36 1 200 4447 
Email:      gerloczy@t-online.hu
Education: primary, secondary education: Los Angeles, CA 

BA degree: California State University, Los Angeles, CA 1975

Degree: Semmelweiss University of Medical Sciences,
School of Dentistry, Budapest 1980 Foreign Graduate Program, University of California, Los Angeles, School of Dentistry
Licensed:  Hungarian State Examination 1980       

California State Board of Dental Examiners 1983

Work experience:  1982 - 83 consultant Xerox Medical Division
1982 - 1990   senior lecturer, Dept. Oral Radiology, UCLA School of Dentistry 
1983 - 1990  private practice, Los Angeles, CA
1990 -          present private practice, Budapest. Consultant/lecturer
2007 -         present Associate Professor University of Szeged, School of Dentistry 
memberships:  member, Hungarian Dental Association  founding president, Hungarian Academy of Esthetic Dentistry  full member, British Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry  associate member, European Academy of Esthetic Dentistry   participant, Kerr European Roundtable 2000 – 2007  participant,

Danville European Roundtable 2007 – 2008
Honors:   Fellowand Vice-Regent International College of Dentists, European Section, 2007  
Honorary Docent University of Szeged, 2008
Lectures:   Numerous articles written for Hungarian dental journals, lecturing in and articles Hungary and internationally since 1991 on topics related to esthetic dentistry, conservative dentistry, and fixed prosthodontics
References:  Dr. David Klaff (London, UK)
Dr. David Winkler (Windsor, UK) Prof. Carel Davidson (Amsterdam, Netherlands) Prof. Katalin Nagy (Szeged, Hungary)

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